By day, I spend my time as a business journalist, covering everything from the latest in artificial intelligence to the marketing campaigns that define the biggest brands. I also work as a content marketing consultant, helping some of the biggest companies (and the smallest startups) tell stories that influence the strategic thinking of their most valuable customers.

My work can take me from executive boardrooms and and conference venues to swanky restaurants and nightclubs for product launches and networking events. That means I get to travel, talk with interesting people and enjoy some of the best food and drink I ever imagined. It also means I’m always interested in how to dress for the occasion and to make the most of every moment — and to learn about how to appreciate the creativity that goes into fashion, interior design and even cocktails.

As an Editor-at-Large with Swagger magazine, I’ve had the pleasure of writing some really fun fashion and lifestyle stories — from the origins of Drake’s diamond-studded OVO jacket to a school for aspiring professional sneakerheads and a profile of rising Canadian actor Simu Liu, but my favourites have been about the people, places and things most men might not have heard about in detail before. 

This includes my interview with the co-founder of MenWith, a fashion Instagram account that turned into an H&M capsule collection, a profile of the streetstyle photographer known as AKS and one of the first stories about Outland Denim (which became famous overnight, thanks to a certain royal family member). 

Menwhere.ca is a place for me to build upon my work in this area and to maybe help other guys like me discover something new they’ll want to wear, eat, drink or experience.

You can learn more about the mission of Menswhere.ca by reading my introductory post. After that, feel free to explore, and reach out via sschickmedia@gmail.com with any story ideas or tips you might have. Thanks.

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