The Top 5 best Fashion Stories I’ve written (so Far)

I spent the first 20 or so years of my professional life writing about senior business executives like chief information officers, creative directors at ad agencies and the CEOs of major tech companies. You might assume expanding into the world of fashion writing would be a piece of cake in comparison — but you’d be wrong.

When you’re reporting on business-to-business (B2B) industries, a lot of the big issues are pretty clear cut because the audience is somewhat narrowly defined. To interview a fashion designer or menswear brand, on on the other hand, is to interview someone trying to reach a much larger market. It’s not always easy to figure out how best to steer the conversation.

As a fashion writer I’ve gotten to talk to everyone from major labels to up an coming brands that are still in the process of cultivating their brand identity and style.

I’ve been fortunate in the work I’ve done for Swagger over the last couple of years to dive head-first into fashion and conduct discussions about style with a wide range of talented people.

Here’s just a handful I particularly enjoyed, which can serve as. a sort of. extended introduction to the work I’m hoping to continue doing on this site:

What Drake’s diamond-studded OVO jacket can teach you about the possibilities of bespoke tailoring: Yes, I realize this garment is a one-of-a-kind, but it gave me a great excuse to connect with the head of Garrison Bespoke, whose work I’ve admired on TV shows like the dearly-departed Suits for years.

Indochino’s Drew Green talks two-week deliveries, growth plans and changing expectations in menswear: I still haven’t made the plunge to try one of this brands’ custom suits, but it’s almost inevitable. It was easy to see after talking to Drew why this firm has become so successful, in Canada and beyond.

AKS is not (just) a streetstyle designer, even if he is one of the best: Adam Katz Sindling didn’t just answer my questions — he allowed me to become one of the people lucky enough to have my portrait taken (see right). He’s not just a standout in his field, but has actively worked to improve the treatment of everyone in his field.

The cofounder of MenWith shares his fashion journey from Instagram to a store near you: I’d been following MenwithStyle on Instagram for ages, and it was fantastic to get a better sense of how it started and its partnership with H&M.

Why ethically-minded guys need Outland Denim, Meghan Markle’s new favourite jeans: I was told I was one of the first journalists to interview James Bartle, and I was impressed by the thoughtful he brings to his business as well as the garments it’s producing.

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