2020 Style Trends: What I’ll try and what I’ll absolutely avoid

Sometimes when I’m flipping through a magazine with a crazy-looking fashion spread or if we’re passing by a store with a totally overdone mannequin, I’ll turn to my wife and say, “That’s going to be my Winter look.”

She usually just rolls her eyes, but I still think it’s funny. I think it would be even funnier to watch a clip like this and immediately adopt every single trend from Jan. 1 onwards.

Imagine it: me in my high-waisted pants, my biker jacket and my light-coloured denim, proudly showing off what it means to be on-trend in 2020!

I’m not against the idea of a biker jacket, actually, but I’d probably prefer to dress it up rather than go full Brando circa The Wild One.

Out of this list of seven must-haves, the ones I’m most drawn to are the accessories. I’ve been thinking more about trying out some rings and other vintage jewelry ever since I profiled Clocks and Colours founder Shane Vitaly Foran.

I’m also interested in vintage watches, but the price point is an obvious challenge. I’ve promised myself that will be my big gift to myself at 50, however. Maybe a Patek Philippe or an Omega like James Bond. If that happens, though, it won’t be a matter of attempting to be on-trend. It’ll be a decision to buy something that transcends them.

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