The Winter Coats That get me through the coldest weather

There are some winters where things really don’t get bad until sometime in early to mid January. This year, it started to get bad in November, and none of us were prepared for it.

Besides having to suddenly build in extra time in the morning to scrape off the car, I found myself frantically digging through closets to find overcoats and other winter jackets that would get me through what looks like a longer-than-usual season.

These are my go-tos, depending on what’s going on that day:

The Camel-Coloured Topcoat

I love this because it goes with almost anything — I can wear it over a suit or make it feel more casual and approachable with a sweater and a pair of jeans.

The Grey Puffer Jacket

This may be getting me too close to Michelin Man territory, but there’s something nice about feeling warm and also feeling a little bit like an astronaut.

The Basic Black Overcoat

This is an essential, and the right scarf can prevent you from looking like an undertaker. I also like having an inner liner on this one that gives it a sort of extra collar to pop and which can be unzipped and removed to get more use out this jacket in the spring.

The Pop-Of-Colour Puffer Jacket

This jacket is the puffer jacket that you need by about February. It’s much better insulted but still makes me feel like I can stand out a bit with a shade of green you don’t find very often.

The ‘Mr. Grey Will See You Now’ Overcoat

I love everything about this overcoat. I love the swoop of the collar, the length that comes just above the knee, the colour that feels more silver than grey. When you button this one up fully it’s really warm and you feel like a million bucks (though it only cost about $250).

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