5 killer, Taste-Tested cocktails

I’m writing this on a cold winter night, when just the thought of a cocktail is enough to make you want to stay in all night. Not to hibernate — to celebrate.

The Cocktail: ‘The Starry Night’
The Ingredients: Canadian Club, Amaro Nonino, Bois Marachino, Martini Sweet Vermouth and Orange Zest.
Taste-tested at: Char No. 5 Whisky Bar

The Cocktail: The Monkey Shoulder
The Ingredients: Glenfiddich, Kininvie and Balverie.
Taste-Tested at: Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto.

The Cocktail: The Superior
The Ingredients: Bacardi Rum, lime juice, syrup, orange citrus
Taste-Tested at: Bisha Hotel, Toronto

The Cocktail: The Narrator
The Ingredients: Rye whiskey, Amaro CioCiaro, Punt e Mes, orange bitters
Taste-Tested at: The Dorsey, Las Vegas

The Cocktail: The Gentleman Caller
The Ingredients: Plymouth gin, fonesca white port, salt, orange bitters, lemon zest
Taste-Tested at: Walrus Pub and Beer Hall

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